Our unique training software is a powerful testing and training tool. We’ll ensure the shoppers for your locations or your full/part time employees are well qualified and up to your standards. Training services that we can provide:

New Hire Shopper/Employee Testing: By providing ProVantage with your standard new hire test or having us create one for you, we can ensure all new hires meet your company’s standards or base knowledge requirements. Each individual will have their own log in to our online testing software where they must complete the test with the appropriate passing score before completion of the new hire process.

Advanced Shopper/Employee Testing: To continue to improve shopper experience, employee knowledge and customer service skills your company will need to require ongoing training. Full or part time employees can have access to additional training on sales techniques, HR materials and computer proficiency training.

Training Shoppers For Your Shops: Once in the system, shoppers can continue to demonstrate their knowledge of advanced shopping scenarios, such as audits, industry specific shops and product knowledge shops in order to be eligible for these scenarios.We can share your specific standards with shoppers. The standards you set can be intergrated into the test. Shoppers will be tested for knowledge retention of the standards. Only shoppers who have demonstrated their proficiency will be assigned to one of your locations.

Update Tests Any Time: Tests can be edited to include additional testing scenarios. The updated tests can be available only to new shoppers/employees or existing qualified shoppers/employees can be required to retake the test. We’ll work with you to design the types of tests you require. Let our software ensure you retain only the most qualified individuals!