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Retail Shops

In the highly competitive retail industry, gaining an advantage is imperative to sustain profits. From the moment a customer enters a store; all five senses are working in both positive and negative ways. We recognize that it is more than just how a customer perceives the physical store – it’s also about how they interact with your brand online, on the phone, through customer service and beyond. We analyze and report on all elements of every location, utilizing our customer specific survey format and our network of experienced shoppers.

Benefits of the ProVantage Approach: * Increase spending and repeat business by aligning brand focus. * Increase referrals, customer satisfaction and sales by tracking and trending behaviors that correlate with customer enjoyment. * Exceed sales goals by customizing an audit to evaluate the effectiveness of your sales program. * Gain valuable, detailed insight into the customer experience through extensive story-like narrative from our highly trained and certified auditors. * Discover if customers are receiving consistently superior customer service at every location.

Retail Related Questions ProVantage Can Answer: * Are promotions, displays and marketing materials present and correctly positioned in your store? * Are employees building rapport and emotional connections with customers? * Are employees up selling and promoting specials? * And much, much, more…