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Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores

When it comes to the grocery industry, ProVantage understands that each store has a unique target market with different opportunities and challenges in attracting customers. Whether your company is promoting more organic and natural health foods, larger selections, or catering to specific demographics, it is imperative to reach your target market. ProVantage audits offer unparalleled value through customized methodology providing comprehensive reports with extensive story-like narrative that details every aspect of the shopper’s experience.

Benefits of the ProVantage Approach: * Increase spending and repeat business by aligning brand focus. * Increase referrals, customer satisfaction and sales by tracking and trending behaviors that correlate with customer satisfaction. * Exceed sales goals by customizing an audit to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing program. * Gain valuable, detailed insight into the customer experience from interactions with aisle or department personnel, to store cleanliness and organization, through the bagging and checkout process. * Discover if customers are receiving consistently superior customer service at every location.

Grocery Related Questions ProVantage Can Answer: * Are promotional signs, displays, and other types of marketing materials present and correctly positioned within your stores? * Are bascart counts correct and reflective of trending data? * Are shoppers leaving without purchasing because they can’t find items? * Are customers of every age, ethnicity, and gender receiving the same exceptional level of customer service? * Did meat, bakery and deli department personnel provide exceptional customer service? * And much, much, more…