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Convenience Stores

At ProVantage, we believe a convenience store experience should be as “convenient” and efficient as possible. We look for problem areas in order to improve upon them, and we help your company identify many of the typical frustrations convenience store user’s experience. From the general state of the store and presentation of products, to the employee’s behavior and the speed of a typical visit, ProVantage takes everything into account in order to optimize each customer’s experience.

Benefits of the ProVantage Approach: * Increase spending and repeat business by aligning brand focus. * Increase customer satisfaction and sales by tracking and trending behaviors that correlate with customer satisfaction. * Exceed sales goals by customizing an audit to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing program. * Gain valuable, detailed insight into the customer experience from interactions with aisle or department personnel, to store cleanliness and organization, through the bagging and checkout process. * Discover if customers are receiving consistently superior customer service at every location.

Convenience Store Related Questions ProVantage Can Answer: * Was the interior and exterior of the store clean and inviting? * Did the clerk answer any product or store service questions correctly and in a timely manner? * Was the clerk friendly and professional? * Acknowledge your entrance into the store? * Were the restrooms clean and well maintained? * Did the drink coolers have various marketing materials and advertisements posted? * Were the shelves sufficiently stocked with products? * Did the aisle floors have any products or boxes blocking aisle ways? * And much, much more…