Customer Service
Audit for the
Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

With the current state of the auto industry, gaining a competitive advantage is imperative to sustain profits. A ProVantage automotive audit tailored to your specific needs will ensure your sales force is firing on all cylinders. From a customer walking onto the lot, to servicing their newly purchased vehicle; a ProVantage audit will grade every aspect of your dealership.

Benefits of the ProVantage Approach:
* Increase spending and repeat business by aligning dealer-wide focus to improve the customers’ experience. * Increase referrals, customer satisfaction and sales by tracking and trending behaviors that correlate with customer enjoyment. * Exceed sales goals by customizing a program to evaluate the effectiveness of your sales program. * Gain valuable, detailed insight into the customer experience through extensive story-like narrative from our highly trained and certified auditors. * Discover if customers are receiving consistently superior customer service at every location.

Auto related questions ProVantage can answer: * How long were you on the lot before approached by a sales associate? * Was the showroom clean and inviting? * Did the sales representative seem attentive and focused on you throughout the visit? * Did the sales representative ask if there were any factors preventing you from making a purchase or affecting your time frame? * Did the sales representative gather contact information (telephone, address, email)? * And much, much, more…