ProVantage Corporate Analytics is a strategic consultant partner for its sister company, ProVantage Corporate Solutions, LLC. At ProVantage Corporate Solutions our software is used to track hundreds of employees who complete projects simultaneously throughout North America while ensuring each employee meets the standards and expectations set forth by management. Key areas in which ProVantage Corporate Analytics’ consulting and software capabilities can help improve your company become the best in the industry include:

Internal Training:

Testing is used extensively for new hires and seasoned employees to ensure your company exceeds customer expectations. Important training materials and testing regarding HR, safety, compliance requirements and standards in food preparation, customer service and facilities maintenance is disseminated through a web-based system ensuring each employee has a clear understanding of your expectations. Test scores are tracked for each employee and allow recognition of improvement.

Internal Evaluations:

Detailed reports allow you to evaluate and track your employees and projects daily, weekly or per event. These reports provide management and the corporate office with invaluable information allowing instant recognition of employees and venues that are top performers and those that fail to meet expectations. Our reports also provide management with the ability to capture photos throughout events within the report to further ensure areas are maintained as they should be. By utilizing these tools companies can quickly recognize and address problem areas before they affect customer satisfaction or create compliance issues.

Our consulting capabilities far exceed the traditional “Mystery Shopping” services. In addition to the standard data collection, our consulting services can aid your company with developing a set of standards to assess all aspects of its business, from evaluating the presentation and quality of your food, employee customer service and sales techniques to safety and health compliance and employee testing.