Competitor Intelligence

Competitor Intelligence

Our competitor intelligence audit is the perfect way to measure competitor performance from product pricing to the quality of customer service. Our program opens the door to your competitor’s business practices. We believe that knowledge is power, and competitive intelligence programs allow you to become extremely knowledgeable about your competition. This knowledge translates into wiser, timelier business decisions that will have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line. What makes ProVantage an ideal partner is our commitment to thoroughly understand each client’s unique goals and concerns.

Your competitors uncovered!

Sales Techniques
Sales / Product Promotions
Pricing Data
Comments concerning your company
Dimensions of Service Quality
Phone Skills
Staffing Levels
Relationship Building Behavior
Internal Environment
Customer Traffic
Cross Selling / Up-Selling
External Environment
Comments concerning your company

With little room left for differentiation on product or price, companies have turned their focus to the customer experience. At ProVantage the business case is clear. The ability to consistently deliver a superior customer experience leads to loyalty, advocacy, long-term growth and increased market share.

Customer-focused companies that are consistently at the top of their industry embrace competitive intelligence as a critical tool in planning and decision-making. They understand that a superior system for gathering and utilizing competitive intelligence allows them to: