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ICR Deluxe
Our ICR (Interactive Computer Response) services allow your clients’ actual consumers to register their opinions instantly over the internet. These web surveys capture information of greater depth and detail than IVR phone survey data — narrative, short text and many other types of answers are easily entered from computers, PDAs and cell phones (including the iPhone!).

1 Custom web address – Specify the web address for the survey (e.g.
2 Company colors & logo – Brand your survey with the primary elements of your company’s corporate identity
3 Verification code (optional) – Prevent survey fraud by requiring a unique verification code (printed on receipts or mailings)
4 Branching and skip patterns Customer answers determine which questions are shown later in the survey
5 Prizes & incentives – Offer coupons or drawings to increase survey response

Simply put, IVR is surveying by phone! IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology allows your company to collect data from your customers through a normal 1-800 phone number. Your customers only need a standard phone (or cell phone) to access your surveys. Answering your questions is as simple as hitting a few keys on the phone, and the data is captured instantly for your immediate viewing. You can even have their verbal comments recorded for instant playback over the Internet!

WHY USE IVR? * High Volume, Low Cost: IVR is a highly cost effective method to collect data (market research, customer satisfaction, public polling etc.) from a large number of customers. * Easy Customer Access: IVR makes it easy for your customers to speak their minds - any time, any place they have phone access, they can deliver you the crucial feedback you’re looking for. No computers or Internet access is required. * Complete No-Hassle Automation: Once your IVR program is set up, it handles every step from data collection to report delivery. Our IVR services will free up your department’s valuable time and energy.