ProVantage delivers a new perspective on analyzing your company’s data.


Dashboard/Weather Reports

Don’t have time to navigate and dig through reports on a daily basis? Our new Dashboard or Weather reports bring the data to you as soon as you log in! You and your managers can receive data tailored to each person’s specific rank.

Four Quadrant Dashboard – Just want the nuts and bolts? The Four Quadrant dashboard delivers four no-nonsense reports that focus on the critical data you need to know on a frequent basis — trending, rankings, score distribution and more!
Animation Dashboard – Want the bells and whistles? Our animated dashboards break down your organization’s performance on specific surveys with sizzle and style!
The Weather Report™ Shop Headers Give each manager a rich visual presentation of their shop data — in context! Our Weather Report shop headers go beyond the usual questions and answers. Full color graphics illustrate each shop’s performance within company and historical context:
* Trending over time * Comparison to company average * Comparison to previous visit * Performance Threshold (Good, Needs Improvement, Unacceptable) – adjustable per survey! * Key sectional scores * Every question and answer on the survey * End Page summary – printable for easy display to team members

Report Format
Our reports are available in a variety of formats:
* Web
* PDF – individual report
* PDF – book of shops
* Excel

Automated Report Triggers:
By score – When a shop receives a score in a specified range, the shop is instantly emailed to key company personnel.
By manager – When a shop is published, it is instantly emailed to selected managers.
Batch Reports:
Report library – Build up a virtual ‘library’ of shop reports available to your staff.
Manager batch reports – On a monthly basis, send every manager a list of links to all shops.